Central Avenue Pictures is a film company strategically placed in both Charlotte NC and Los Angeles CA. Our mission is to create, produce and deliver films of the up most quality with messages that inspire and transform the audience.

Evan Hesse

Through high school, Evan spent each waking day studying music and taking an active roll in his faith.  He graduated top of his class in classical guitar and quickly moved west to pursue performing and teaching.

He was immediately contracted by motivational speaker Tony Robbins to write music for his DVD series.  Catching the composing bug, he built a recording studio, where he recorded local Hollywood artists and created custom musical scores for clients such as Warner Brother and Lionsgate. He also composed the music for three seasons of Solitary, Fox Reality's number one rated reality show, which has now been sold globally.

In 2010 he joined an independent film company, where he began learning the ropes on the business side.  He now runs Central Avenue Music and works closely with Central Avenue Pictures developing projects.  Evan currently lives in Hollywood, California.

Bert Hesse

Bert has over 25 years experience running companies with multi-million dollar budgets, including Orbitron International and MedCorp of America. As an Executive Producer, he oversees all aspects of a project's financial and legal issues. Bert has negotiated sales and distribution contracts (both domestically & internationally) for many of his films. His latest, "In The Footstep of Elie Wiesel," the amazing story of a group of high school students who learn from following the life of Noble Laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel has screened at numerous film festivals and won several awards.

Bert has served on the North Carolina Boy Scouts of America board for the past six years. He's played an active role in his faith for over 20 years, serving in the church and giving back to the community on a daily basis. He also sits on the Mecklenburg County Inner Faith Council, a council created to bring together the many faiths of the surrounding community. Bert Hesse lives in Charlotte, NC.

Rev. Marty McCarthy

Rev. McCarthy recently left his position as rector of St. John's Episcopal Church in Charlotte to follow his passion and establish Regent Schools of the Carolinas.  The Rev. McCarthy led in the founding of Trinity Episcopal School and the Palisades Episcopal School. Regent Schools has recently founded four small schools and is working on more.  

Rev. McCarthy is a 25 plus year active Rotarian, and served in Virginia as the Statewide President of the Council of Churches, the President of the Diocesan Clergy Association, and the Standing Committee of the Diocese.  While serving his recent parish St. John's, he successfully led them through two capital campaigns.  The church became known as a leader in many ways, including being recognized by World Vision as the strongest church support they enjoyed in the world. 

Marty currently lives in Charlotte, NC. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Emory and Henry College in 1974 and his Master of Divinity from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1978.

A Love for the Game Begins

Evan Hesse is set to travel from LA to Charlotte in June to begin scouting for ALFTG.

CAP Hosts First Board Meeting

CAP hosts it's first board meeting at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in downtown Charlotte.